Conference Brand & Applications






Weatherwise is a fictional conference on extreme weather and climate change. A serious event designed for policymakers, it raises awareness towards the increasing issue of climate change and its influence on dangerous weather conditions.


I was asked to create a logo, type pairing, palette, and applications for the conference to advertise the event. These elements had to be adaptable to reflect the severity of climate change and present a recognizable visual identity for the campaign.


From client research, I found global forest fires to be one of the most severe consequences of climate change. As forest fires and climate change share the concept of heat, my mandate was to focus on forest fire damage. I did this to showcase the topic and its consequences through one cohesive visual.


The logo uses closure to reveal a burning tree that begins the damage. This is paired with a smoke cloud revealing a map. Shown through smoke, it implies the severity of forest fire consequences—all possible from a single match.

The smoke graphic is cropped differently across materials to diversify while maintaining cohesion. The brochure demonstrates conference details using type hierarchy with varying size, style, and colour.

The deep red and grey palette reinforces fire and smoke. The type hierarchy uses Teko and Poppins. Teko is bold and squared to show severity. Poppins contrasts using rounded forms. A consistent stroke width ties them together.

The booklet adapts the visual identity using background graphics that pull from the smoke graphic and logo.

The web design uses responsive design principles to adjust the layout and type depending on screen size. This ensures the most important content is prioritized.


Creating the logo was the most challenging. The flame shape went through several iterations. It was crucial to find a good balance between the size of the flame and how much of the letters were showing. The final form eliminates small fragments that cause visual clutter and stays within the top row where the tree is front and center. This ensures it stands out when scaled at any size.


Icons in this project were provided by FontAwesome (modified colour):