Loyalty Program App Redesign






PC Optimum is a loyalty program used to earn and redeem points by shopping at grocery stores. With the app, users can optimize their earnings by checking in regularly on a rotation of products with redeemable points.


By researching user reviews, I discovered frustrations with the PC Optimum app due to an abundance of content irrelevant to viewing offers and tracking points. I was tasked with creating a fictional redesign of the app’s task flow and UI for earning points. The goal was to address this issue and improve user experience.


Based on the most common complaints, I created a journey map to detail the goals and feelings at each step of the point-earning process. I learned the most problematic step was getting to the ‘Offers’ section because of its placement and ads. I used this data to create a persona for referencing user goals and challenges throughout the design process.

The mandates included removing ads and making the offers viewable right away.


The redesigned app prioritizes offers that users want to see by making it the first area shown when opened. Contests and promos irrelevant to user goals were removed. More details for each offer were added in nested pages, making expiry time and eligible stores clear to the user.

The final high-fidelity prototype can be found here.


Because of the app’s multiple issues and a limited timeline, I had to decide what to prioritize that would help the most users. In the end, I grouped my user research into themes to discover that finding the offers was the most pressing issue.