Non-Profit Campaign Posters






UNICEF is a non-profit that aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. They provide life necessities and education with the help of donations, volunteers, research, and traveling to where problems are rooted.


I was asked to design posters for a fictional UNICEF campaign to raise awareness and support for their efforts in addressing the impact of unregulated air pollution on children. The goal was to make the content visually striking to compel the viewer to take action towards their cause.


From research, I developed a problem statement for the campaign using the current and ideal state of the air pollution problem. The designs had to raise awareness to address the rising air pollution in unregulated countries causing developmental problems in children.

The mandate of illustrating the impact on children was decided to communicate the issue’s severity and UNICEF’s differentiator of helping children specifically.


The posters use closure in the abundant factory smog to reveal a child’s fragmented mind. The overwhelming shades of grey allow the singular red to stand out. This draws the user’s attention to the striking imagery first. The symbolism of red as danger suggests the deterioration of the mind and body due to toxicity.

A striking statistic is used to introduce the user to the message. The type hierarchy leads them to the call to action which addresses the environmental issue presented.


Creating convincing silhouettes to convey the severity of living in unregulated pollution took much consideration. To communicate the head silhouette as a child’s, I adjusted the forehead proportions. To communicate the hand silhouette as struggling, I considered a gesture that wouldn’t be confused for another.