Non-Profit Rebrand & Guidelines






Diabetes Canada is a non-profit organization that works to support diabetic patients through educational support. They also work with researchers to develop a cure. Their mission is to end the stigma of blame held against diabetics.


From my brand analysis on the current state of Diabetes Canada, I found their logo lacks adaptability. The transparent strikethrough motif covers the word ‘Diabetes’, which isn’t ideal for one-colour printing. The motif is abstract and cannot be isolated for brand applications.

I was tasked with creating a fictional rebrand for Diabetes Canada including a new logo system, web design, and brand guidelines document. The goal was to strengthen their brand’s adaptability and reach for their audience of diabetics and researchers.


I conducted a SWOT and competitor analysis to compare practices and design between Diabetes Canada and other non-profits. I found their focus on stigma is unique. Competitor logos mostly used abstract symbols that could be isolated for brand applications.

The mandates determined were to highlight their unique message and incorporate a human aspect to bring their audiences together.


The abstract symbol logo ties researchers and diabetics together using a microscope with a blood-pricked finger found within. A strikethrough is incorporated to symbolize ending the stigma. Use of edges and curves represent impact and inclusivity.

The adaptability of the rebrand is shown through applications highlighting different parts of the symbol to convey their message.

The full Diabetes Canada web design can be found here.

The brand guidelines document outlines the proper use of the new visual style considering factors such as logo and colour use, typography, imagery, and tone.


Conveying the notion of a microscope and finger through an abstract symbol took a lot of iteration. I presented logo drafts to my colleagues. They interpreted the microscope as a figure and didn’t understand the strikethrough’s significance.

I learned from this by experimenting further with different shapes. The final logo defines each idea using larger forms with refined silhouettes.


Social media icons in this project were provided by FontAwesome (modified colour):