St. Lawrence College 2023–24 Viewbook Student Spread






St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario values “opening doors to opportunity” down pathways of passion for students of all backgrounds. They do this by offering programs in various industries, real-world networking, and project opportunities.


During my time as a Graphic Design Assistant for SLC Marketing, I was asked to be the visual designer for a student employee group. We were asked to lead the development and design for a spread in the SLC 2023–2024 Viewbook that would promote the school’s values and how they have benefited current students. The goal was to entice prospective students from the perspective of their fellow peers.


Using SLC’s brand identity, we brainstormed and developed the idea of using doors to tie student stories together with the opportunity theme. We incorporated multimedia to present interactive, engaging content for users. Real students were interviewed to highlight different opportunities including local work, self discovery, and friendships.


I studied each students’ pathway and program to determine the art direction. Each student enters the door of their future workplace. I directed a photographer on campus to capture the students’ gesture and emotion.

Each image was edited so students would walk through a branded SLC door into their workplace. QR codes lead to interview videos. Student quotes that summarize their positive experience from SLC draw the user into more detailed stories below.


Editing a new interior into each window and blending it naturally with the surrounding area required a lot of attention and detail. I created a plan for how to edit the images so they would all look cohesive. The editing used recolouring, blend modes, clipping masks, and gradients.